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About us

WHo we are

We are an organization dedicated to promoting systemic organizational development through their people, processes, and structure.

We help organizations to reach their maximum potential in a sustainable and ecological way for the long term. We support leaders in their process of change. 

We provide systemic human resources solutions for organizations.

Whom do we work with?

We work with any enterprise, organization, or team that wants to reach its potential to succeed personally, professionally, and generate a change in society.

What is our goal?

To find solutions and to promote awareness within the organizations to help them succeed.

"We are in business to promote awareness so a major change in society can happen"


New paradigm

CertezaGlobal believes that businesses and organizations today need to change to survive the future changes in our society.

Organizations have an important role in society and in people's lives. They have the power to help people to follow their purpose and to work for something bigger than themselves.

That's why the old view and method created in the industrial revolution no longer apply to today's world.

Our strategic model:

  • Expression The world itself is mind and it is full of ideas. These ideas want to evolve and become a reality. Organizations are born because of an idea: "Leading Principles"

  • Experience Organizations, just like humans, move and behave in patterns. Organizations create, permit, or search for situations or contexts to succeed.

  • Integration When we understand patterns behind the situations and acknowledge them we create space for the new. We create this when we decide to learn as organizations from every situation.

  • Transcendence We use all the information to see that that is emerging. We are synchronized with the future. This is the place where innovation and transformation happens.

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our road map

when transformation occurs


 Ideas - Organizational Soul


Leading principles

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and dynamics


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